Maintenance & Support

Maintenance and Support

Breakdown Support

Occasionally, breakdowns can go beyond the skills of even the most experienced staff.

When this occurs, Newport Controls has experienced Control Systems Engineers available to deal with any problem with controls systems on your process plant or automated production lines.

Our engineers are extremely adept at fault finding and are able to solve complex problems quickly and efficiently.

If you require an engineer for a breakdown, simply call the Newport Controls office and arrange a site visit.

Planned Maintenance

Planned preventative maintenance is a core component of any manufacturing plants engineering strategy. With modern automated plant and machinery, a traditional approach is often insufficient as this invariably only covers the mechanical and basic electrical components. Whilst the control system is inherently robust, it still contains elements that can fail over time.

Down-time of any process or plant can be extremely expensive and difficult to remedy mid-process. For this reason, the control system elements should be scheduled for preventative review and replacement. This is best achieved by integrating this maintenance into any annual shut-down or repair period.

An annual maintenance period places huge demands upon any in-house maintenance personnel due to existing workload. The complexity of modern automation also requires specialist skills to understand thoroughly. Newport Controls can provide complete maintenance solutions to ensure your plant or process does not suffer any unforeseen breakdowns.

Maintenance Engineer
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